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Alexandra Chrysosferidis

Founder and Owner

Mrs. Alexandra is the founder and owner of DreamPex Education Studio. In 2010, Alexandra earned her B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Georgia Southern University; obtained a dual license in P-5 curriculum and ESL. After teaching in the United States, she came to Taiwan to share her passion in education. 

Mrs. Alexandra has been in the education industry for 12 years and she has mastered every aspect of education throughout that time. For many years, she also created educational products which were enjoyed by children all over the world.  In 2020, Mrs. Alexandra founded DreamPex Education Studio with the mindset of influencing a positive impact on Taiwan’s education system. She believes that once social/emotional needs are met, academic success will follow. Students learn best when they are able to construct their own meaning and connect with learning opportunities. 

Alexandra女士是DreamPex Education Studio實現夢想國際教育文理短期補習班的創辦人。2010年,Alexandra於喬治亞南方大學獲得學前教育學士學位,也修習取得P-5課程和ESL雙學位。在美國任教之後,她決定來到臺灣分享她對教育的熱情! Alexandra老師在教育界從事教學工作12年,在此期間,她精通並掌握教育的各個層面。多年來,她還創作了深受世界各地兒童喜愛的教育產品系列。 2020年,Alexandra女士創立了DreamPex Education Studio,所秉持的思維就是想影響當前的臺灣教育體系,產生積極正向的衝擊力量。她深信,當社交/情感需求一旦得到滿足,學業上的成功自然就會隨之而來;進一步來說,當學生能夠建構出自身的意義,並且與各個學習機會建立連結時,就能達到最佳的學習效果!

 Ms. Gihad 

Subject Focus: Art, English

Ms. Gihad is a passionate art teacher who specializes in teaching children from ages 6 to 12. Ms. Gihad most admires the use of bold colors and diverse patterns in Cubism, a 20th-century art movement. She is inspired by the works of Romero Britto for capturing a timeless view of art, integrating past art styles with present ones. This artist has taught her that we can always improve and move forward without forgetting about the past. Ms. Gihad is also a member of the National Academy of Fine Arts. A believer that art demonstrates freedom of expression, Ms. Gihad hopes to introduce students to new genres, technical knowledge, and visualization. She believes that art is everywhere—if you look closely enough, it will come to life!

Ms.Gihad老師對於藝術充滿熱忱,專以6~12歲學生美術教學為主。Ms.Gihad老師以崇尚20世紀初期 – 立體派藝術(以重組、拼貼色彩和素材)。

深受藝術家Romero Britto(羅梅洛·布瑞托)藝術作品啟發 – 以塗鴉(graffiti)和普普藝術(pop art)畫風, 深刻理解即使歷經也之過往也能使我們持續前進努力。Ms.Gihad老師為國家美術學院成員之一, 也相信藝術為自由表達。Ms.Gihad老師非常期待與學生們一同汲取藝術之養分,同時帶領學生們學習美術手法和創作! Ms.Gihad老師確信藝術於生活之中無處不在 – 等著我們一同發現 !

Ms. Cindy

Subject Focus: Chinese 

Ms. Cindy is a bilingual Chinese teacher. She graduated from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. She recently went back to school to obtain her Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. Ms. Cindy also has a valid teaching license from the Ministry of Education. 

Ms. Cindy is patient, caring, and outgoing. She believes that building trust between students and teachers is imperative to achieve a positive learning outcome. She enjoys teaching students new information and watching them apply it to their daily lives. She feels most fulfilled when her students show improvements in language learning. 


Ms. Liz 

Subject focus: Math and Chinese

Ms. Liz graduated from the Department of Applied Chemistry at National Chiao Tung University with additional education courses and psychological counseling courses. She strives to understand learning difficulties and how to assist children in overcoming challenges. Ms. Liz has more than five years of teaching experience in Chinese, math and science for private elementary, middle and high school students.Ms. Liz also has experience in tutoring children with special needs. She thinks it’s important to understand the needs of parents, create a learning plan suitable for each child, help students achieve their goals and cultivate an interest in learning. Her hope is to satisfy the curiosity of each student, empower a thirst for knowledge and build self-confidence.
Liz老師畢業於國立交通大學應用化學系加修教育學程、心理輔導學程。了解孩童學習困難及補救方法。Liz老師有超過五年豐富的教學經驗,授課輔導經驗:私立國小、國中、高中學生國文, 數學, 自然及理化科目。

Mr. Miguel 

Subject focus:  Spanish, English, Business, Math, Science

Mr. Miguel is a bilingual language teacher. He has experience teaching second language learners in both English and Spanish. He has also studied Italian for three years as a third language. Mr. Miguel attended the University of Washington and came to Taiwan to finish his B.A. degree in Business Administration. He has experience in international essay competitions, debate tournaments and leadership conferences. Mr. Miguel previously served as an academic assistant where he organized programs for career development and assisted students in reaching academic success. 


Mr. Miguel畢業於美國華盛頓大學,現於台灣致力於完成其商業管理學士學位,曾參加全球文學辯論賽以及領導協商會議之經歷。曾任於他組織之就業發展學術助理並且熱心協助學生們達成學術目標成就。)

Ms. Deniz

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Deniz is our bilingual administrative assistant. She has over 17 years of experience as a Chinese literature teacher and four years in the publishing industry.  She has experience in editing, customer service and administrative work. She enjoys helping others and working with children. Ms. Deniz is organized, caring and hard working. 

Deniz 是 DreamPex  的雙語行政人員,她擁有 17 年的國文老師教學和 4 年出版業的職涯,因此在文字編輯、顧客服務和行政方面經驗豐富,她展現出樂於助人、富有教育熱忱之外,富組織力、關懷他人的特質,以及勤謹的人生態度!