What is Entrepreneurship Education?  何謂創業教育?


What is entrepreneurship education and why is it important to set intentions at an early age? 

Entrepreneurship is the process of exploring profitable opportunities and creating new businesses. As the world changes at a dynamic pace, parents and educators are responsible for cultivating realistic life experiences in children. An entrepreneurship education program not only empowers youth and encourages new ventures, but also introduces the fundamentals of business. 



Entrepreneurship education promotes crucial life skills, such as:

• How to creatively plan and execute ideas

• How to collaborate and develop teamwork skills

• How to speak in public and pitch ideas

• How to understand the value of money

• How to use innovative strategies to solve complex problems


• 如何創造性地計劃和執行發想

• 如何協作和發展團隊合作技能

• 如何在公共場合演講和提出見解

• 如何理解金錢的真正價值

• 如何使用創新策略解決複雜問題

We live in an age of uncertainty and rapid growth. Technological developments have dramatically changed our mindset and accelerated social changes in the economy. Unfortunately, education in some parts of the world focuses so much on standardized tests that students lack exposure to creative processes and high order thinking skills needed to keep up with these unprecedented times.  Entrepreneurship education can help bridge the gap by teaching students how to grow from their failures and rise quickly to unrivaled excellence.  It is our responsibility to provide students with an enriching environment to pursue their passions, learn from their mistakes, and accept challenges along the way.

我們生在一個充滿不確定性和快速成長的時代 技術發展戲劇性地改變了我們的思維,加速了經濟的社會變革。 不幸的是,世界上某些地方的教育過於注重標準化的考試形態,導致學生缺乏接觸創造性的學習過程和建立高階思維的能力,以跟上這些前所未有的時代。 企業家精神恰恰可助於減少學習落差,通過教導學生如何從失敗中成長,並且迅速上升到無與倫比的卓越水準! 這是我們的責任--為學生提供一個充實的環境,讓他們可以盡情地追求生命的熱情,從錯誤中吸取教訓,並在這個過程中勇於接受挑戰。


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