Building a community of lifelong learners

At DreamPex Education Studio, we create a positive learning environment for emotional, social and academic development. We encourage our students to explore, ask questions and express their interests. Our students learn how to gain confidence in their abilities and the importance of a positive mindset. Most importantly, they understand that learning is lifelong.

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About Us

DreamPex Education Studio provides an enriching environment for students to grasp successful learning strategies in a small group setting. Our small group classes create encouraging opportunities for individualized instruction and extra support. DreamPex Education Studio has recently opened an online program so that you can receive a personalized curriculum in any part of the world! We believe that through confidence and positive guidance, all children have the potential to reach their goals and follow their dreams. We all have dreams-- let us help make yours come true!

What does 'DreamPex' mean?

Dream+ Apex = reaching your highest point of personal achievement


158, No. 158號, Qingshan Rd, Xindian District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 23153